Linda Johnson

Linda at the bottom of the Grand CAnyon

Linda grew up in Iowa where the closest thing to wildlife were the corn fed white-tailed deer. Soon after graduating from high school, she left Iowa to see the world.

Linda met Paul in the Pacific Northwest. It was not long after their meeting that Linda was introduced to slightly less tame wildlife. There was Rosy the black bear and her three cubs. Rosy was a wild black bear named by photographers for her temperament. Then there was the alpha male and female of the Nez Pierce wolf pack who suddenly appeared in a clearing not more then 20 yards away. It did not take long for Linda to realize that wildlife and people have a lot in common; both need food and shelter, a mother bear protecting her cubs is just being a good mother. Watching wildlife convinced Linda that she should take up photography and capture those special moments on film.

In addition to becoming an accomplished photographer, Linda earned an MBA. Her business skills are a complimentary addition to Paul's education in the biological sciences. While Paul does most of the research into what, where, and when, Linda does most of the submissions, taxes and cost-benefit analysis.