Paul Johnson

Paul with Elie's Puppies

Paul spent his youth in Alaska. His father was the resident engineer responsible for the design and construction of the Richardson Highway through the Alaska Range and for pioneering the Denali Highway to the Susitna River. Paul spent his winters in old Valdez and his summers in the wilderness close to where his father was working. It was during the summers that Paul did most of his backcountry exploring and where he became familiar with the wildlife.

The first camera Paul owned was a Kodak Brownie, which he received as a gift when he was 8 years old. This gift initiated his life long interest in photography.

Paul earned his undergraduate degree in biology with an emphasis in ecology. This educational background has given him extensive knowledge about native plants and animals. Unable to find a job as a park ranger, Paul went on to earn a graduate degree in biochemistry. For many years, he did research on breast and prostate cancer. While he found cancer research to be a rewarding career, his true passion remained nature photography.